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Our Purpose

Blackbear exists to unlock human potential by transforming how work gets done.

We believe that organisations shouldn’t have to compromise growth due to a lack of access to the right talent or skills. We also believe that individuals should be able to share their skills freely and contribute to projects and causes of their choice whenever and wherever they want.

Our ecosystem tackles both these issues at the same time, connecting organisations worldwide with a community of skilled professionals to get work done. 

What blackbear does

We’re building an ecosystem that enables organisations worldwide to work together seamlessly with a network of over 10,000 skilled professionals.

As such, we help companies overcome capacity gaps, reduce stress levels and enhance work-life balance for their employees. At the same time, we give professionals in our network — blackbear Solvers — the freedom to work on their terms without geographical limitations and to shape their desired lifestyle. 

How we work

Our culture thrives on empowerment and hands-on learning. Our success stems from a strong sense of purpose, empowerment, collaborative efforts, and mutual trust, all driving us towards our ambitious goals.

Our Values

🤝 Foster Collaboration

We create an environment where diverse perspectives and expertise come together harmoniously, enabling the creation of innovative solutions that address complex challenges and drive meaningful impact.

🏆 Strive for Excellence

By striving for excellence, we aim to continuously raise the bar, push boundaries, and exceed expectations.

💪 Embrace Ownership

We promote a culture of accountability, commitment, and determination.

🚫 No Place for Bullsh*t

We establish an environment that promotes transparent and open communication, fostering trust, understanding, and collaboration.

🥳 Fun to Work With

We foster a positive work atmosphere, encourage collaboration and creativity, and enhance the overall satisfaction and productivity of everyone in our ecosystem.

How we take care of our team


You'll have lots of time to recharge and unwind with plenty of vacation days and local holidays. We're all about creating a healthy working environment where your mental and physical wellbeing as part of the team is our top priority.

Workplace Flexibility

We promote async collaboration and flexible working hours as much as possible in order to accommodate different lifestyles of our employees. Our individual teams have flexible work-from-home policies that encourage you to work wherever you feel most productive.

Learning & Growth

Make the most out of what we offer: L&D funds, coaching budgets, a range of training options, and chances to learn as you work. At blackbear, we foster a supportive work culture that enables you to safely take risks, try new things, and be innovative.

Inclusion, diversity, and belonging

We've always valued diversity at our core. But making sure everyone really feels included and at home is an ongoing goal we're always working on.

We want every team member to feel totally comfortable being themselves, knowing they're accepted, and truly seeing a bit of themselves in our community.

Become a Bear 🐻

Customer Success

Customer Success Manager
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Senior Project Consultant
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Account Executive
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Sales Development Representative
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Back-end Developer (Laravel)
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Engineering Lead
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Full-stack Developer (Laravel)
  • Schiphol-Rijk, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Our recruiter

Caroline Cointepas

People Business Partner

Beechavenue 30 • 1119 PV Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands